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Annke Gives the Gift of Whole-home Security for Biggest Shopping Frenzy This Year

by Alice Wei 25 Nov 2022

Hong Kong, Nov 25th – Home, commercial and industrial-forerunning security camera brand Annke, is bringing in the gift of all kinds of security camera systems this holiday shopping season. Whether shoppers want to take a close tab on their property or take a good care of beloved family members and furry friends, Annke will have them covered.

Annke Black Friday Sales 2022

Annke really stands out as its own league when it comes to home and commercial-grade security solutions. Unlike conventional black and white camera brand, Annke trumps all other brands for its color night vision NightChroma ⟨™⟩ series and Analog series, which has been an all-time champion of choice for color night vision security system on Amazon. The brand’s other collection, PoE collection and wireless and wire-free collection wins badges from tech sites like and etc. as “the best 4K security camera”, “the best DVR for CCTV”, “the best NVR for affordable plug-and-play” and “the best customization 4K security camera system”.


“Since the establishment in 2014, we have been honing our image processing technologies and developed security camera system solutions that meet customers’ every need, from baby monitoring cameras, wired camera to wireless smart solutions. Overtime we have amassed more than five million users worldwide.” said Jerry, Annke’s Chief Product Officer, “People keep coming back to buy from us because their system had lasted for 5 to 6 years and still work out. Our security camera systems would be the perfect holiday gift for protecting who you cared the most and a wise long-term purchase to secure any property.”


To thank every customer of the five million who had trusted the brand, Annke offers a kaleidoscope of coupon codes for celebrating this holiday season amid Black Friday for competitive prices of the year 2022. Customers can snag security camera deals with $45 off if the order total to $300 or $80 off if purchase up to $500, $180 off if purchase up to $1000, $450 off if purchase up to $2000 and $480 off if purchase up to $3000. The deal is valid now today through next Tuesday Nov. 29th MST and coupons applicable to the following series --


Popular NightChroma Color Night Security Camera Series


The Annke NightChroma ⟨™⟩ collection is famed and raved for turning pitch black scene into crystal clear daytime view. This collection packs the best image sensor with proprietary NightChroma⟨™⟩ algorithm, from BLC (backlight compensation), HLC (highlight compensation), 3D DNR (3D digital noise deduction) and WDR (wide dynamic range) to adapt in changing light conditions and renders the original color spectrum with little to no error. It now consists of 1080p, 4MP, 5MP and 8M(4K) security camera and systems with highlight models like NC800 4K security camera with human/vehicle detection, NCD800 4K dual lens security camera with siren, strobe, human/vehicle detection and NCT400 4MP dual lens security camera with twenty-five times optically zoomable closeup lens and a separate overviewing lens.


Acclaimed PoE Security Camera Series


The Annke PoE lineup includes a wide selection of 2MP, 4MP, 5MP and 8MP(4K) security camera and systems in fixed or telephoto lens. They are well-known for plug and play with Annke’s NVR box and easy installation, no incremental subscription costs, and full autonomy over footage recording. The exclusive offer includes the C800 4K security camera with human/vehicle classification, the ACZ800 4K 4 times optical zoom security camera with human/vehicle classification and perimeter detections as well as the AC800 4K security camera with siren, strobe light and human/vehicle classification.


The high-end models like CZ500 ultra and CZ800 ultra offer twenty-five optical zooms would be ideal for large businesses, farmlands, and community childcare centers, offering viewing up to 1000 ft away in closeup and auto-tracking moving objects in action.


Curated Gift Offers


The E200 is a 1080ch wired security camera system which is one of our best-selling camera systems that can works plug and play with any monitor (not included) offline or connecting to the internet. It is 58% off to a whopping $105 final price.


The FCD600, a true 180° panoramic security camera, is the true manifesto of the brands’ latest technology Image Fusion Algorithm which stiches two lens’ viewing into a combined one for an 180° panoramic view and surveillance. Beyond that, the built-in spotlight siren alarm, true color night vision and human vehicle detection makes the camera a real beast. Currently 30% off slashed the price down to $90.99 using coupon BFDOFF30.


Ideal for caring baby and pets, the Crater Cam is a 1080p pan and tilt auto-tracking in frame smart camera that covers all corners of the home and follows pets or people in 355° pan and 55° tilt. It is a true easy breezy set up in 2 minutes. Now it is 30% off at $17.99 using coupon BFDOFF30, the lowest price ever.


The Annke baby monitor is a special suitable gift for new or ready-to-be mothers who nurses infants or toddlers frequently. This baby monitor requires no app and comes with a handy touch screen for remote viewing in a great distance, up to 1000 ft in open space. A handy voice detection and feed reminder helps mom to relieve the burdens of checking newborn frequently. A true mom savior, now 25% off to $89.99 with coupon BFDOFF25.


Just in time for the holiday season, Annke’s full lines of NightChroma ⟨™⟩, PoE, wireless and solar-powered security camera and systems warrants shoppers the best reasons to shop at best prices. For the wise long-term security purchase or preparing the December gifts lists, please visit Annke’s Black Friday page on website or their Amazon storefront page. For British customers, please go to Annke official UK.

About Annke

ANNKE, created for security, aims to provide the finest and best smart security cameras and systems for home and business owners worldwide. ANNKE's deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity and cutting-edge capabilities enable it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with the easiest and most straightforward security products.

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