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ANNKE Unveils New Wireless Security Camera Crater Cam, with HD Video, AI Tracking, Alarm, Flexible Storage Options - Pre-order Starts at $19.99 

by Alice Wei 12 Apr 2022

The Crater Cam packs 1080p video, IR night vision, AI tracking, and pan-tilt control into one for a crater impact to the consumer grade monitoring market.

Hong Kong, April 12th, 2022/ANNKE.COM/ -- Annke Innovations, a leading home security provider, is excited to unveil its latest wireless camera along with its companion cloud plans today. With a ceiling bracket or putting on a high flat place, the Annke Crater CamTM would track down every human or any motions to ensure no blind spots at home. The built-in 58dB siren can make smart automation to ward off burglars manually or automatically upon a scheduled time or an AI event. Installation for this camera is easy breezy and can be done in minutes - simply download ANNKE Smart app and follow the instructions.

ANNKE Crater Cam

Once installed, customers can get 1080p video, smart IR night vision, privacy mode and pan tilt control all in their palms. And they'll receive instant AI alerts so as to take immediate actions - whether to sound the built-in siren or talk back to their loved ones. The storage option can be either 20 days of continuous recording or motion-triggered video clips on a local 128 GB TF card or completely on the cloud. All motion-triggered recordings on the cloud will be encrypted using E2EE and TLS protocol and stored in compliance with California CCPA law and European GDPR law so that only you and shared accounts can have access to your valuable video assets. For each camera, the ANNKE Subscription basic plan costs $2.49 a month for 7 days of video history and the premium plan charges $6.99 a month for a 30 days history. Users can still enjoy the full benefits of AI tracking, saved video recordings, push notifications even without the subscriptions, enjoying great value to this budget AI tracking wireless camera. 

The camera is open for pre-order now and shipments start in early June. Pricing starts at $19.99 with an offer of a 7 day free trial of ANNKE Subscription Plan on one camera for each new user account.

For pre-order people can visit:

“The crater cam is what we want to bring everyone and every home total peace of mind, to keep an eye on what we cherish the most. Every family needs a crater cam," said Asher Wang, Senior Product Manager at Annke. “That's why we have packed good video quality, smart features and data security all into this little camera at the $19.99 price tag. "

Powered by bank-level encryption, this wireless indoor Crater camera can serve as not just an indoor cam but also a baby monitor, a grandpa or grandma camera and every camera you'd use to see what matters most and connect to beloved ones. ANNKE Innovation will be committed to making affordable security solutions that bring connections and peace of mind for every household.

Features of this tiny mighty ANNKE Crater Cam include :

  • 1080p HD Video: See crystal clear video indoor with 2MP definition fueled by 3D DNR, BLC and AWB whether it's too dark or too bright.
  • Smart IR Night Vision: 6 infrared lights would illuminate up to 26ft/8 meters away and automatically adjust brightness for a clear video.

  • Smart AI tracking That Pan And Tilt: A camera that tracks 355 ° horizontal and 90° vertical and identifies humans makes AI monitoring easy.

  • Human Recognition: Smart human recognition would filter unnecessary events and save customers’ attention.

  • 58dB Built-in Siren That Automates: This siren is definitely loud enough to scare away burglars in a scheduled time.

  • Two-way Audio: It's easier to greet guests or ward off burglars via a camera that talks back.

  • Privacy Mode: Once set, the camera automatically hides the lens so customers' privacy is well protected.

  • Motion Detection Area and Alerts: One motion detection area is allowed for filtering where walking is too frequent.

  • Preset Monitoring Spots: 6 preset spots can be saved in ANNKE Smart app for quick monitoring access.

  • Shared Family Accounts: This camera can be shared with up to 20 family accounts to build connections easily.

  • Platform Compatibility: Simply called “Alexa, Show me the ANNKE camera” to pull a live stream from any Alexa device.

  • Flexible Storage Option: Store in 128GB TF card or subscribe to ANNKE Subscription Plan starting from $2.49 per camera per month.

  • Stands to Temperature: Enduring 14 °F – 122 °F temperature, sufficient for indoor and porch monitoring.

For more information about the full pricing and availability of ANNKE wireless security camera Crater Cam, please visit

About ANNKE : 

ANNKE, created for security, aims to provide the finest and best smart security cameras and systems for home and business owners worldwide. ANNKE's deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity and cutting-edge capabilities enable it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with the easiest and most straightforward security products.

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