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ANNKE Introduces New NightChroma NC800 PoE IP Camera Featuring Breakthrough 4K Ultra HD Color Night Vision, f/1.0 Super Aperture, and AI Processing Power

by Elvia Poon 09 Jun 2021

HONG KONG, June 8, 2021 – ANNKE, created for security, today launched NightChromaTM NC800, the world’s most powerful & advanced IP camera ever, pushing the limits of what’s possible in video surveillance. The ANNKE-designed 1/1.2’’ sensor, f/1.0 super aperture and other high-end technologies deliver a massive leap in night vision clarity – the incredible and futuristic 4K Ultra HD acme full color night vision.

Learn more about the breathtaking innovation in 2021 here:

“We understand how important the night vision surveillance is for our customers. In the past, security cameras only provide black & white or starlight color night vision, which cannot tell the exact details”, said Jerry, ANNKE product manager, “Today, the old B&W night vision has been ended with the revolutionary NC800 that offers a colorful visual experience with more true-to-life details even in 0 illumination darkness – there is nothing else like NC800 in the market.”

f/1.0 Super Aperture & 1/1.2’’ 4K Sensor Come to NC800

Only f/1.0 super aperture, not f/1.2 or f/2.0, provides the acme color night vision. NC800 PoE camera, equipped with the breakthrough f/1.0 aperture, collects 4X amount of lighting to produce brighter images in darkness, taking the industry-leading video surveillance performance to an entirely new level. 1/1.2’’ image sensor, the largest sensor adopted in video surveillance field, demonstrates an extraordinary photovoltaic conversion efficiency, increasing 2X amount of light sensing areas for clearer 4K footages (3840 X 2160 pixels) at smooth 20 fps. The high-performance image signal processor (ISP) renders high-fidelity colors and ensures the clearest streaming even in extremely hot or cold climates. 4X lighting amount & 2X light sensing areas, plus top-level ISP, all enable the camera to capture the most stunning & clearest 4K color night vision in 0 illumination darkness, a completely new upgrade from IR B&W or starlight night vision.

The lens of NC800 IP camera features the latest broad-band anti-reflection coating and extra-low dispersion optical glass, to remove the light flare and enhance the image’s sharpness & color saturation.

ANNKE-Only 130 dB True WDR & 3D DNR

130 dB true WDR, 10X efficiency than 120 dB true WDR and a revolutionary upgrade on digital WDR, balances every lighting area of a picture to ensure crystal images without overexposed or underexposed issues. True WDR adopts the image sensor and a digital signal processor (DSP) to provide even lighting in all areas in every frame, while digital WDR only uses algorithms to digitally brighten too-dark or dim too-bright areas. ANNKE-designed 3D DNR removes the grainy fuzzy appearances of low-light images and is able to handle moving objects without leaving even a single detail behind, much sharper than security cameras with 2D DNR or without noise reduction technology. ANNKE NightChromaTM NC800, with the unrivaled 130 dB true WDR and 3D DNR, shoots the unparalleled 4K Ultra HD videos even in 0.0005 illumination without supplement light or ambient light.

130 ft Soft Warm Supplement Light Comes to NC800

Simply adding a supplement light to a security camera cannot be called color night vision. NC800 PoE IP camera’s built-in supplement light is extremely soft without glare & no reflection, and turns on automatically in 0-illumination night to ensure thrilling 4K color night vision. Other security cameras with so-called supplement lights only produce blurry color night vision images that are often overexposed or underexposed, which cannot tell the details at night.

Unique Active Alignment Technology

Acme color night vision can only be realized with the top-level R&D abilities, top-notch materials and top-grade manufacturing techniques. ANNKE’s unique micro-size active alignment technology provides the most accurate focusing and brings the adjustment accuracy to within 4 pixels, smaller than 1/30 hair diameter. The whole alignment project is conducted by the world’s most advanced and high-end machines instead of manual adjustment, ensuring the most accurate focusing for sharper & clearer videos.

The AI Magic Makes a Big Difference in Motion Detection

The superior AI algorithm enables the camera to sense humans and vehicles only, reducing up to 95% of false alarms triggered by animals or random inanimate objects, like raindrops, or changing lighting. AI human and vehicle detection is currently the most advanced and accurate motion detection way in the video surveillance. Unlike PIR that detects the object’s temperature or the frame comparison detection that senses the difference between the previous & the current frames, which would lead to a great number of false or unwanted alarms, ANNKE AI human & vehicle detection, adjusted and tested by hundreds of engineers, sends customers instant app pushes and email alerts with snapshots only when a human or vehicle enters the detecting areas. Consumers will be alerted only when it matters without being bothered by any irrelevant alert when they are working, shopping sleeping or traveling.

The smartest behavior analysis is able to analyze an object’s behaviors for accurate motion alerts too. Users can set up the motion-triggered behaviors, including line crossing, intrusion, region entrance and exit, to detect an object’s behavior and receive the real-time alerts when an object crosses the preset virtual line or region, or enters/exits the virtual zones.

Additional Outstanding Features of NightChromaTM NC800

  • The built-in microphone offers incredible sound quality, and delivers the ultimate personal listening experience. The high-fidelity audio with the active noise cancellation enables users to hear the visitors’ voice and the ambient voice from up to 20 ft away.
  • The latest H.265+ video format records longer videos & consumes less bandwidth without losing true 4K Ultra HD quality. Quadruple H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 coding allows for the maximum encryptions and flexible compatibility with all new & legacy platforms.
  • NC800, with IP67 weatherproof rating and heavy-duty all-metal housing, can be installed outdoors or indoors. The rugged housing is resistant to vandal impacts and corrosion, ensuring years of operation without fading. 2.8 mm ultra-wide lens delivers 124° FoV, ideal to cover large areas, such as foyers, warehouses, front or back doors & yards, parking lots, etc.
  • With the built-in microSD card slot, customers are able to record the videos locally by inserting an up to 256 GB microSD card without paying monthly cloud storage fees.
  • The ONVIF & RTSP protocols are designed to integrate with all ONVIF 4K NVRs and third-party software, such as Blue Iris, Synology, Milestone, etc. no walls and no limits between NC800 and popular hardwares & software.

One smart security solution for every security need – that’s NC800, a 100% compatible, flexible & powerful camera tailored for every customer.

“It’s time for our ANNKE family to upgrade to color night vision security cameras from B&W - just what we did from B&W TVs to color TVs,” said Jet, ANNKE’s CEO.

Pricing and Availability

The new ANNKE NC800 4K Ultra HD IP camera is available to order on globally and is now only at $279.99 after 20% off. Customers can enjoy free shipping for most countries worldwide and free 2-year warranty & lifetime tech support.


ANNKE, created for security, aims to provide the finest and best smart security cameras and systems for home and business owners worldwide. ANNKE's deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity, cutting-edge capabilities and world-leading NightChromaTM color night vision tech enables it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with easiest and the most straightforward security products.

For more details about ANNKE and its products, please visit

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