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ANNKE CZ400 Sets up a New Standard in 4MP 4X Optical Zoom PoE Security Cameras

by Elvia Poon 29 Sep 2020

ANNKE advances all groundbreaking features in CZ400, bringing the most intelligent AI security solution for all-scenario protection.

HONG KONG, September 29, 2020 – ANNKE, created for security, today unveiled its pro-upgrade CZ400, an AI 4MP Super HD 4X optical zoom PoE security camera, challenging the limits of security solutions and delivering flagship monitoring experience.

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with the refined innovations, CZ400, the best 4MP PTZ PoE camera, is the perfect security solution for customers who want the most leading-edge technology.

OmniVision Ultra HD Sensor & Top 11 Image Enhancement Tech

The OmniVision Ultra HD image sensor brings the clearest 4MP Super HD images & 65 ft crystal night vision, enabling users to capture and view exactly what they want.

ANNKE also added 11 unrivaled image enhancement high tech to CZ400, creating the best and most powerful 4MP PTZ PoE IP camera in the market.

. Low-light visibility tech: Capture rich color images in 0.005 lux darkness.

. 120 dB true WDR: Produce vivid images under the strongest light contrast conditions.

. 3D DNR: Remove the image noise for clean pictures in super low-light conditions.

. EIS: Eliminate shocks when recording footages for improved image quality.

. AGC: Amplify the signal for brighter & clearer images at night.

. Regional exposure: Adjust the image exposure level based on specific needs.

. Regional focus: Focus on specific areas based on users’ requirements.

. Region of interest (ROI): Encode interested regions in video with high sufficient compression ratio.

. Anti-fog function: Detect & filter the fog to deliver crystal images even in foggy weather.

. BLC: Optimizes exposure in the foreground and background of videos.

. HLC: Reduce the overexposure in images to enhance the overall footage quality.

The outdoor PoE PTZ security camera delivers incomparable 4MP Super HD footages day and night with the innovative imaging sensor & exceptional 11 image enhancement high tech, leveling up the standard in 4MP PTZ camera field.

Most Accurate Alerts with AI & Top 7 Detection Ways

Traditional PTZ IP security cameras detect motion events via the frame comparison algorithm. CZ400, however, provides the most accurate alerts with the AI facial recognition.

Equipped with the 7 smartest behavior analysis ways, including line crossing, intrusion, region entrance/exit, unattended baggage, object removal and audio exception detection, this Ethernet IP security camera alerts customers only when an object enters/exits the preset virtual line/area, or when an object is left or removed suddenly. If there is any audio exception, users will also receive real-time alerts.

The AI PoE PTZ dome CCTV surveillance camera eliminates the pain caused by false alarms, ensuring users won’t be bothered by the waving branches, falling leaves, pets, vehicles, changing lighting, raindrops, etc.

Smooth 330° Pan & 90° Tilt & 4X Optical Zoom

The high-speed dome IP camera rotates 330° horizontally and 90° vertically at up to 100°/s, providing the all-around protection with just one singe video IP camera. Users can monitor the wide-range areas remotely via the pan and tilt control buttons on the software. By configuring up to 300 positions, customers can patrol and monitor the vital areas directly without wasting time on irrelevant regions.

The unparalleled 4X optical zoom enables customers to zoom in the faraway license plates for ultra clear images, even from 100 ft away. Users can monitor distant areas simply by controlling the zoom button remotely.

More Features at the Accessible Price

Tons of smart features don’t necessarily mean huge investments. CZ400 is now available at its official online store at the pricing of $219.99 at 15% off pre-order sale.


ANNKE, created for security, aims to provide the finest and best smart security cameras and systems for home and business owners worldwide. ANNKE’​s deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity and cutting-edge capabilities enable it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with easiest and the most straightforward security products.

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